Friday, September 28, 2012


This CD is my debut CD, if I could describe My Cd  in  in a couple of words I would say My journey, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I hate it when people use these words to cut others both ways, then seal the deal by saying I am just being FOR REAL. Those words almost gives the rights to insult another person, what a society we live in so honestly  cruel. People really don't care how others feel and truly don't respect each other anymore and this behave seem to be acceptable. I always tell people if you want to be different just be kind that is different enough  especially today.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Social media is taking over like it or not and you still don't have a computer? shame on you. This is an exciting time my friends, you can be connected with people all over the world all day via your cellphone or computer Wow!.   Some people are using social media to show off  their legs, breast and thighs but this media is much more sophisticated than that you can use social media to meet friends, date, sell, network and so much more.

Just imagine 55 million people are on facebook, do the math if you get just 1 percent to pay attention to you just imagine how much of a change you can bring to your life and or cause.

 I have learnt so much about relationship and the lack there of, bet you are wondering what I mean?. Well building a relationship is very important and one must always be mindful not to only collect friends but actually get connected by socializing, and supporting. Social media is much like real-life, if you are missing in action and emotionally disconnected, people will not wonder where you are? when you are not there. Social media is here to stay get connected.

Friday, June 29, 2012

This  is one of my Fans very favorite piece of many, one fan told me this one must be on my CD or else hahahah. Please enjoy if you would like more I am on 

Open Mic schedule

Will be at the Pinapples Cafe for open Mic 7pm  July 1, 2012, there is open mic every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month Aug 5, 2012 , Aug 22, 2012

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Will be here July, 15 2011  July 15, 2012 6pm 9pm, there is Poetry reading every 3rd Sunday at  Goddess Studio

Goddess Store n Studio
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I still believe

In a time and place such as this I still believe in falling and staying in love.

The promises of a stranger, and that people are on the most part honest.

Maybe you think of me naive, but I still believe in the strong embrace of  a honest man and the towering strength of his body.

I still believe given a chance people can do better.

Lies can not live forever.

Ones feelings almost never lie.

Words are powerfull and can heal and injure.

People don't  change we just failed to see
The proff is in the pudding.

I still believe

We can build from ground 0.

No matter how much you love a person, you don't  own them.

Sex is not  love, and the word love is used too loosely.

You can be with someone and still feel alone.

People can have no class and still have access to quality healthcare.

We can have polictians on a string with our vote.

The tougue is the smallest member but cause the most harm.

God watches us from a distance.

by  Paulette Bowe

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Remember Me

If I should be called and taken remember me as a never ending song.
A song you just never could get out of your head. 
The satisfied hungrier of a child. A never ending perfect day. A touch or a word that came right in time and brought change. The day you climbed your highest mountain and stood at the top and laughed out loud. Remember me as more than enough. Remember me as the truth between a rock and a hard place but mend bridges. Remember the stability of my shoulders and the strength of my back. Remember me as a rising and never a falling of anything real and meaningful.

Thank you all

Thank you guys for all the support I do appreciate it.

Friday, June 15, 2012


I want you like the first breath of a new born baby and the last breath of a dying man.
There is a danger in loving someone too much, you bring out the frailty in me.
 It's  like seeing the face of God.

The essence of you causes butterflies in my stomach, I bear your name in my flesh and on my heart.
Wonder if you would ever understand how that feels.

When I see your silhouette you cause a mental commotion, you see right through me like no other.

Your very presences hypnotized and  intoxicate me and sends chills down my very frame, I wonder if you feel the same way.

You render me helpless.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Many women has been taught their needs should be met last whether directly or indirectly, but  times are changing and women are learning their needs comes first, it is not selfish!. Women should learn to put themselves first, in the beginning every fiber of my being made me feel as if it was wrong, but as time went by it got easier. Take note, the difference when a man is sick in a household and a woman is sick, two different scenario. We are still expected to carry on as usual.

  The facts are  we can not help anyone if we cannot help our selves and if  we are not eating right, not  getting enough sleep or spending every cent earned on family, then what is left for us in the end, usually nothing and those same people are usually hard to find when you need help.

Truth is  we have to be secure in ourselves whether married or single, if not this can be a problem in every relationship we encounter.

In all things there must be a balance of giving and taking, if there are no balance then someone will end up losing and it should not be so, one should  never dim their own light to please anyone it will never be enough and any-one would lose them-self in the process.

Please forgive me (Poem)

I always thought of you like a tree trunk needing nothing or no-one. A trunk of a tree that sustains everything around it.

A trunk of a tree from which all exist and establish itself . You always stood in the midst of every storm holding up everything and everyone around you.

I never thought of you with any weaknesses, you replenish everything and everyone you are in the midst of.

I follow you  in spirals of myself I was never gifted that way.

But if everyday you draw from a well one day the well shall run dry. You are that well, who replenishes you?  Have you ever thought of it.?

You always seem to have it all together I never thought of your humanity, guess I was too busy admiring your everlasting strength.

To whom  do you run to, does your tears fall to the ground in a puddle or does it well up in your eyes?  Can you need anything or anyone?

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to need someone sometimes, or even dear to lean on someone ever so helplessly.

I wouldn't think any less of you maybe that someone could even be me.

By Paulette Bowe

Monday, February 13, 2012

The empowerment of Poetry

Here is a sample of my work enjoy.

Plough your land is a inspirational poetic flow that awakens the strength and power within you"

This piece will renew your strength and remind you of where you are going and why, sometimes we loose our way in the routine of things and need reminders that it is not only about us, but about those after us.

It is truly of great importance to be around the right people, this fosters, nurture and give birth to many things in ones life. I am a mother of 1 who has been inspired by my friends on facebook to write, compose, refine and distribute my Spoken word. I am really a computer Network specialist who was born in the Bahamas spend some time in Jamaica and educated in Toronto, Canada. I always encourage everyone in my path to strongly follow their dreams and nurture other people's dreams.

God has really blessed me  with some  incredible people to inspire me to pursue my dreams. 
Aldryn Orozco  unknowingly created my logo for fun and Marci Cyrus lives in my cheering section.
I am deeply moved beyond words to know these incredible people and I am meeting new ones daily as I chase my dreams as if it was the last bus. I am proud and humbled to present to you " A Lioness Roars" My first single name courtesy Lia Thomas.

Plough your land flow

Tan da watch me Flo

Kingship Flo

Talking all the time