Monday, February 13, 2012

The empowerment of Poetry

Here is a sample of my work enjoy.

Plough your land is a inspirational poetic flow that awakens the strength and power within you"

This piece will renew your strength and remind you of where you are going and why, sometimes we loose our way in the routine of things and need reminders that it is not only about us, but about those after us.

It is truly of great importance to be around the right people, this fosters, nurture and give birth to many things in ones life. I am a mother of 1 who has been inspired by my friends on facebook to write, compose, refine and distribute my Spoken word. I am really a computer Network specialist who was born in the Bahamas spend some time in Jamaica and educated in Toronto, Canada. I always encourage everyone in my path to strongly follow their dreams and nurture other people's dreams.

God has really blessed me  with some  incredible people to inspire me to pursue my dreams. 
Aldryn Orozco  unknowingly created my logo for fun and Marci Cyrus lives in my cheering section.
I am deeply moved beyond words to know these incredible people and I am meeting new ones daily as I chase my dreams as if it was the last bus. I am proud and humbled to present to you " A Lioness Roars" My first single name courtesy Lia Thomas.

Plough your land flow

Tan da watch me Flo

Kingship Flo

Talking all the time