Friday, July 13, 2012


Social media is taking over like it or not and you still don't have a computer? shame on you. This is an exciting time my friends, you can be connected with people all over the world all day via your cellphone or computer Wow!.   Some people are using social media to show off  their legs, breast and thighs but this media is much more sophisticated than that you can use social media to meet friends, date, sell, network and so much more.

Just imagine 55 million people are on facebook, do the math if you get just 1 percent to pay attention to you just imagine how much of a change you can bring to your life and or cause.

 I have learnt so much about relationship and the lack there of, bet you are wondering what I mean?. Well building a relationship is very important and one must always be mindful not to only collect friends but actually get connected by socializing, and supporting. Social media is much like real-life, if you are missing in action and emotionally disconnected, people will not wonder where you are? when you are not there. Social media is here to stay get connected.