Friday, June 29, 2012

I still believe

In a time and place such as this I still believe in falling and staying in love.

The promises of a stranger, and that people are on the most part honest.

Maybe you think of me naive, but I still believe in the strong embrace of  a honest man and the towering strength of his body.

I still believe given a chance people can do better.

Lies can not live forever.

Ones feelings almost never lie.

Words are powerfull and can heal and injure.

People don't  change we just failed to see
The proff is in the pudding.

I still believe

We can build from ground 0.

No matter how much you love a person, you don't  own them.

Sex is not  love, and the word love is used too loosely.

You can be with someone and still feel alone.

People can have no class and still have access to quality healthcare.

We can have polictians on a string with our vote.

The tougue is the smallest member but cause the most harm.

God watches us from a distance.

by  Paulette Bowe

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