Thursday, May 31, 2012


Many women has been taught their needs should be met last whether directly or indirectly, but  times are changing and women are learning their needs comes first, it is not selfish!. Women should learn to put themselves first, in the beginning every fiber of my being made me feel as if it was wrong, but as time went by it got easier. Take note, the difference when a man is sick in a household and a woman is sick, two different scenario. We are still expected to carry on as usual.

  The facts are  we can not help anyone if we cannot help our selves and if  we are not eating right, not  getting enough sleep or spending every cent earned on family, then what is left for us in the end, usually nothing and those same people are usually hard to find when you need help.

Truth is  we have to be secure in ourselves whether married or single, if not this can be a problem in every relationship we encounter.

In all things there must be a balance of giving and taking, if there are no balance then someone will end up losing and it should not be so, one should  never dim their own light to please anyone it will never be enough and any-one would lose them-self in the process.

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