Thursday, May 31, 2012

Please forgive me (Poem)

I always thought of you like a tree trunk needing nothing or no-one. A trunk of a tree that sustains everything around it.

A trunk of a tree from which all exist and establish itself . You always stood in the midst of every storm holding up everything and everyone around you.

I never thought of you with any weaknesses, you replenish everything and everyone you are in the midst of.

I follow you  in spirals of myself I was never gifted that way.

But if everyday you draw from a well one day the well shall run dry. You are that well, who replenishes you?  Have you ever thought of it.?

You always seem to have it all together I never thought of your humanity, guess I was too busy admiring your everlasting strength.

To whom  do you run to, does your tears fall to the ground in a puddle or does it well up in your eyes?  Can you need anything or anyone?

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to need someone sometimes, or even dear to lean on someone ever so helplessly.

I wouldn't think any less of you maybe that someone could even be me.

By Paulette Bowe

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